The AI Hub: artificial intelligence popularized by Curium

Curium magazine has placed a “virtual course” on artificial intelligence online, which includes several video clips explaining both how AI works and the issues related to the use of this technology. One of the researchers at IID (Institute Intelligence and Data), Audrey Durand, is featured in one of these capsules.

A total of eight video clips are offered by the Curium team:

  1. Science without fiction
  2. How does the computer see?
  3. How does the computer learn?
  4. Inclusive algorithms?
  5. AI musician
  6. AI to save lives
  7. AI for the planet
  8. Five ethical issues in four minutes

In addition to these video clips, several reading suggestions and questionnaires are offered in this virtual space for both the young generation as well as anyone who is eager to learn some basic AI concepts.

Discover the AI Hub

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