Geographic Ratemaking With Spatial Embedding

Webinar hosted by Christopher Blier-Wong, Ph.D. student in Actuarial Science, «Geographic Ratemaking With Spatial Embedding», offered in the ASTIN Webinar series.

  • 28 September 2022

10h00 to 11h00





Spatial data are a rich source of information for actuarial applications: knowledge of a risk’s location could improve an insurance company’s ratemaking, reserving or risk management processes. Relying on historical geolocated loss data is problematic for areas where it is limited or unavailable.

This talk presents a method to construct spatial embeddings within a complex convolutional neural network representation model using external census data and use them as inputs to a simple predictive model. We will also discuss how one may adapt the representation learning approach with image data and use multiple sources of unstructured information within the same homeowner’s insurance ratemaking model.

About the speaker

Christopher Blier-Wong is a PhD student and lecturer in actuarial science at Université Laval. He holds master’s degrees in actuarial science and computer science. His research focuses on applying machine learning and numerical tools in actuarial science and works closely with the private sector to solve imminent problems in the insurance industry.

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