Machine learning with imaging data involving various imaging modalities 23 October 2020 Regular position

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Research Professional – Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Computer Vision / Signal Processing

IID (Institute Intelligence and Data) at Université Laval is looking for a research professional – machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, signal processing, who will participate in research projects involving machine learning with imaging data involving various imaging modalities, under the supervision of Professor Christian Gagné, in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Université Laval.

Description of the Position

The candidate will actively participate in research projects focusing on the development of machine learning methods for the processing of imaging data involving various imaging modalities, such as camera data, radar images, LIDAR images, etc.

The candidate will closely monitor the work of students including the development of their research project and the conducting of experiments, as well as provide support for the writing of scientific articles and initiate discussions enabling the sharing of knowledge. He will also communicate regularly with the industrial partner with a follow-up of the project, coordinate the collaborative activities, present the research progress, express the needs permitting the completion of the project and actively participate in the transfer of knowledge with the industrial partner. The candidate will also offer his support to the student as he carries out independent research activities on themes related to the project.

The candidate will be called upon to participate in various activities with the IID team of research professionals: discussing problems encountered, developing solutions, sharing expertise and transferring knowledge.

He may also be asked to offer his assistance to IID students, researchers and industrial partners, and assist in the preparation of grant applications.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

The Category III research professional contributes significantly to the development of the orientations of the research project and he or she carries out the studies and research resulting from these orientations.

  • He or she contributes significantly to the development of the research objectives and protocol, to the analysis and dissemination of results as well as to the organization and coordination of many of the research activities. (III.a)
  • This position requires a great deal of autonomy in areas such as the organization of research work, the evaluation of existing scientific literature, the development of research protocols, and the preparation and writing of reports. (III.b)
  • He or she works from broad guidelines established in collaboration with the researcher and is responsible for achieving the objectives of the project. (III.c)
  • As part of his or her work, he or she is called upon to innovate by developing new methods of analysis or research. (III.d)
  • He or she is actively involved in the selection or development of the analytical method or instrumentation, in the design and development of research methods and tools, in the coordination of the activities required for data collection and interpretation of results. (III.f)
  • He or she prepares, conceptualizes and develops grant applications, theoretical or methodological reports, communications and articles related to research activities. (III.g)
  • He or she supervises graduate students in their training activities. (III.h)
  • He or she performs the main tasks of a research project and can assist the principal researcher in other research activities. (II.a)
  • He or she works under minimal supervision for many tasks and is responsible for the quality and relevance of the results received from the people he or she supervises. (II.b)

Research Area

  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Computer vision
  • Signal processing

Minimum Education

The diploma is required


Years of Experience Required

0 years

Qualifying Skills and/or Abilities

  • This position requires a great deal of autonomy
  • Experience in managing a multidisciplinary research team would be an asset



Position Start Date: 2020-11-01
Position End Date: 2021-10-31
approximately 52 weeks


Hours per Week

35 hours per week
(approximately 1820 hours)


Details concerning the Work Schedule

The work schedule will be determined through an agreement with the researcher.


Hourly Salary

From $26.08 to $46.28


Type of Work Schedule



Type of Position


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