The Hispanophone magazine takes a look at IID, its work and, most importantly, the importance of ethics within it

Hispanophone magazine took a look at the Intelligence and Data Institute in a recent publication available on the web. Among the elements discussed was the importance of ethics and social responsibility in the work and initiatives carried out by the IID and its member researchers, through an interview with our IDI, Ethics and Innovation Advisor, Schallum Pierre.

Quebec City, an AI center that puts ethics first

To address these ethical, legal, and social issues, new guidelines for conduct are being developed and IID has grouped them into four focus areas: ethics, privacy, and social acceptability; AI and data processing methods; health and the study of life; and the physical environment.

Schallum Pierre explains that because of its importance, ethics is transdisciplinary and impacts all areas of IID research and intervention. Researchers are following with interest the developments in the European Union regarding the respect of personal data. Several countries share the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Quebec has already passed Bill 25, which will have an important role to play in protecting personal information (including financial and health information).

“A relevant element of this law is that it requires express consent to share the data collected,” the academics point out. If data is transferred, it is required that the destination country have at least the same conditions for respecting personal information. This requirement could lead some countries to implement or update their data mining regulations. In 2021, the European Commission formulated the AI law, which, if passed, could become the first legal framework on a global scale.”

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