A multidisciplinary project involving 14 professors, including Audrey Durand and Richard Khoury, will focus on the use of AI in polypharmacy

The project “Determining the quality of polypharmacy for the elderly: an approach based on artificial intelligence” involves 14 professors from Université Laval, including two members of IID, Richard Khoury and Audrey Durand from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, as well as Caroline Sirois from the Faculty of Pharmacy.

This research initiative received a $ 1.2M grant from the Canadian Institute of Health Research, in partnership with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, as part of the Collaborative Health Research Projects Program.

The use of multiple medications by a patient, known as polypharmacy, is more and more common, especially in the elderly. At this time, it is not possible to distinguish between beneficial and inappropriate multiple drug intake. The number of possible drug combinations is huge, and this situation can become very complex when considering the individual characteristics of each person.

Over a three-year period, the research project led by Professors Sirois, Khoury and Durand will determine how artificial intelligence can lead to a better understanding of the phenomenon and lead to the definition of standards and conditions. The researchers will use data from the Quebec Integrated Chronic Disease Surveillance System. 

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