Making artificial intelligence more accessible: a look at the work of our director Christian Gagné on the Université Laval website

The research carried out by our director Christian Gagné, professor in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Université Laval, was recently featured on the institution’s website, thereby providing an overview of the professor’s work and research areas.

Christian Gagné is developing new techniques to develop artificial intelligence (AI) with less data. Through his work, he enables small and medium-sized businesses to use local and more accessible AI. His research was recently featured on the Université Laval website.

Three research areas linked to this work are described:


Developing AI with less data

As AI systems have grown from massive amounts of data, the researcher and his team are interested in developing techniques that allow AI to be trained with little data or interaction. 

Supporting human-AI collaboration

Christian Gagné’s expertise in the fields of machine learning and deep learning lead him to work with researchers from various fields and with data from multiple sources.

Improving AI for health sciences

As part of his research work, Christian Gagné leads various collaborations in health sciences, particularly in the field of super-resolution microscopy. 

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