• 18 November 2020
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In "Skift", a look at the work carried out by Jean-François Lalonde on attracting international scientific events to Québec City

In the magazine Skift, a look at the initiatives of our researcher Jean-François Lalonde regarding the organization of international scientific events focussing on computer vision and the power of attraction of the Québec City region.

In an article entitled “Meet the Local Scientist Using 3D Computer Vision to Attract Visitors to Québec City” published on November 16, 2020, Skift takes a look at the efforts of our researcher Jean-François Lalonde, from the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering, in establishing the greater Quebec City region as an attractive destination for international scientific events in the field of computer vision.

The article notably discusses the organization of the International Conference on 3D Vision held in Québec City in 2019.

Read the article on the Skift website

Excerpts from the article

“Not only do we have the beautiful backdrop of a 400-year-old town, but what sets us apart in the field of 3D computer vision is really a thriving ecosystem,” Lalonde said. “We have a very strong research lab and research facilities, with researchers that not only work in 3D computer vision, but also optics, photonics, and artificial intelligence, which has received a lot of attention.”

“I was involved in the planning of the 3D Vision Conference last year,” Lalonde said, “and my role was essentially being the link between all of the relevant people, including city and government officials, the local and international scientific community, and industry leaders. We reached out locally to at least five or six companies in the city, and that helped us expand to the Montréal region, to Canada and internationally. Big companies like Facebook, Google, Autodesk, and Huawei contributed financially.”

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