$ 2.9 million to support the completion of an AI project in the aerospace sector

The Government of Quebec is providing funding of $ 2.9 million over five years to the Consortium for Research and Innovation in Aerospace in Quebec (CRIAQ) to support innovation and collaborative industrial research in the aerospace sector advocating the adoption of artificial intelligence.

The Quebec Minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon, made the announcement on Monday, September 14.

This $ 2.9 million funding consolidates a financial package reaching $ 7.5 million in Quebec and approximately $ 40 million internationally, for the benefit of a vast research and innovation program, involving partners from university research and industry, who strive to develop applications involving AI in the aerospace field.

CRIAQ is the leader of the DEEL project (DEPendable & Explainable Learning or Explainable and Robust Artificial Intelligence), which aims to improve the applications of machine learning in order to respond to the complex problems of the aerospace industry. This industry has high standards of performance and security, and techniques must therefore be robust, understandable and privacy-friendly to ensure that they obtain certification from the authorities.

The DEEL project was carried out with the participation of public research institutes and businesses. This project involves international collaborations between CRIAQ, the Data Valorization Institute (IVADO) and the Technological Research Institute (IRT) Saint Exupéry, in France. Collaborations are also planned with Thales Canada, CAE, Bombardier Aéronautique and Bell Textron Canada, as well as with the following Quebec universities: McGill University, Université Laval, Polytechnique Montreal, Université du Québec à Montréal and Université de Montréal.

Read the full press release on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation

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