5G research is gaining speed in Quebec City: a look at ENCQOR and IID in “cScience IA”

An ecosystem for the development of 5G technology and artificial intelligence (AI) that recently opened in Quebec City promises to put forward the initiatives of the city’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): cScience IA takes a look at activities taking place at Quebec City’s ENCQOR 5G innovation site, to which the IID contributes.

In partnership with the Institute Intelligence and Data (IID) of Université Laval, and in collaboration with major players in the digital sector such as EricssonThales and IBM Bromont, the ENCQOR 5G sites in Montréal and Quebec City already bring together close to 150 SMEs and $10 million in project financing.

This adventure is supported by the non-profit company Prompt and subsidized by the governments of Canada, Quebec and Ontario, proposing to encourage research into the 5G wireless network and its possible applications in the field of AI.

“These two technologies are complementary. We can think of the autonomous vehicle sector, for example, which is based on systems where speed of decision-making is essential. 5G could allow latency times in the milliseconds. The goal is therefore to improve device connectivity and optimize processes,” says Marc-André Normandin, director of mobilization and business development for ENCQOR-5G Quebec.

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