The Artificial Intelligence Association of Canada posthumously presents a Lifetime Achievement Award to François Laviolette

The Canadian Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAIC) has posthumously presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to the late François Laviolette. This award, the highest distinction offered by the association, is given to individuals who have distinguished themselves by the excellence of their research in AI throughout their academic career.

The CAIAC Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor offered by CAIAC. It is awarded to individuals who have distinguished themselves through excellence in artificial intelligence research during their academic careers.

Among the elements mentioned in the biography accompanying the nomination, his scientific contribution is obviously underlined – with notably his 2016 article entitled “Domain-Adversarial Training of Neural Networks” cited nearly 5000 times, or his algorithmic work in the field of genomics.

His great contribution to the development of the AI community in Quebec City and in Quebec is also highlighted, notably with the creation of the Centre de recherche en données massives (CRDM), and the key role he played with the establishment of the Intelligence and Data Institute (IID) and the Observatory on the Societal Impacts of AI and Digital Technology (OBVIA). 

His contribution to the development of a responsible and explainable artificial intelligence is also highlighted, whether through his own work, or through the implementation of the Quebec component of the DEEL (DEpendable and Explainable Learning) project. 

“Given his amazing results in community building, it is not surprising that François Laviolette is considered a pillar of the AI community in Quebec,” says the CAIC.

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