The journal "La terre de chez nous" focuses on the potential of AI for the agricultural sector

An article published in January 2021 in La terre de chez nous, examines the potential of artificial intelligence, and associated technologies, for the agricultural community. The work carried out by our member Éric Paquet, from the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, is one of the initiatives cited in the article.

Excerpt from the article "Artificial intelligence in the stable"

“While several AI applications seek to optimize the day-to-day actions of the producer, others aim to improve production upstream, attempting to predict which decisions will pay off more in the long run.

For example, Éric Paquet, Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at Université Laval, is working with other researchers to determine what makes a cow more resilient. To do this, they will combine the milk analyzes with other data such as cow genomics or the farm environment, and then they will train the AI ​​to recognize the winning recipes. “By combining all types of information, we hope to be able to predict which will be the best cow for each environment”, summarizes Professor Paquet.

Other projects attempt to calculate the impacts of gestation conditions and the early life of the calf on the profitability of the adult cow (McGill University), or to predict up to 18 months in advance when the animal should be culled (UQAM). “

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