In this podcast, Computer Science Ph.D. student Nicolas Garneau discusses NLP during the program “Futur simple” on CKRL 89.1

In the wake of his webinar “Introduction to natural language processing” presented on October 16, 2020, Computer Science Ph.D. student Nicolas Garneau gave an interview during the program “Futur simple”, on CKRL 89.1, in which he discusses and explains various principles associated with NLP.

We invite you to listen to a 20-minute conversation between host Valérie Levée, science journalist, and Nicolas Garneau. How do voice assistants, such as Siri, Cortana and others, understand our questions, find the right answers, and communicate these answers to us? This podcast provides a brief introduction to the principles associated with automatic natural language processing. Enjoy the program!

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More information on the Octobre 16, 2020 webinar

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