• 11 December 2020
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The Quebec City region has all of the assets to successfully find its niche in the artificial intelligence ecosystem on an international scale

The Quebec City region, a well-kept secret of the artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem on the national and international scene? This is one of the findings that emerges from the Portrait of the Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem of the Greater Quebec City Area, launched jointly by Université Laval and Quebec International on December 10, as reported in an article in ULaval News. 

A dynamic and complete ecosystem

The strengths of the region can be summed up in the proximity and sharing of available resources, in a logic of “coopetition”, the region benefiting, among other things, from rapid and easy access to research expertise as well as quality resources.

“It is a dynamic ecosystem, in full development, which has significant strengths in certain targeted niches, and which excels in its ability to collaborate, both between disciplines and between academia and industry”, observes Christian Gagné, director of the Institute Intelligence and Data (IID) at Université Laval. Beyond its dynamism, the innovation ecosystem is also described as “complete” by its authors: “You will find everything you need to carry out an innovative project involving AI within a radius of forty kilometers, ” says Alexandra Masson, Director – Artificial Intelligence and Digital Solutions at Québec International.

If the Quebec City region is a complete ecosystem, it also offers a diversity of fields where AI and related technologies are applied.

“The fields of computer vision and robotics are among the most advanced in the use of AI for perception and decision making. There is also a desire to integrate AI in health, where the impact could be significant to improve the quality of life of citizens while increasing the efficiency of the system; this, not to mention the insurance industry, where many companies are integrating AI

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