Development of geomatics methods and tools to support the production of a portrait of the risk associated with floods and their prediction

Following the exceptional spring flooding that affected the province of Quebec in 2017, the Ministry of Public Security adopted an action plan for civil protection with regards to flooding. In order to improve resilience to disasters, this includes a better understanding of flood-prone areas and their associated risks, increased monitoring of water levels and flows, and the establishment of permanent measures to reduce the risks of flooding.

This project is based on the use of the most recent geomatics technologies and the development of geospatial methods to support the production of a flood risk portrait.

The main goal is to provide comprehensive knowledge with regards to buildings in flood-prone areas and to help delineate these zones more quickly and precisely in order to better support decision-making in all aspects of risk management (preparation, prevention, intervention and recovery).

More specifically, this project will provide a complete inventory of buildings vulnerable to the hazards of flooding as well as a more detailed structural and occupancy characterization of these buildings. This will contribute to a better estimate of the foreseeable impacts and damages, as well as the costs associated with potential future flooding episodes.

More information about this project

This 3-year project (2019-2022) will strive to use the most recent geospatial data acquisition technologies (eg. terrestrial and airborne LiDAR, drones) as well as the most advanced methods of processing and analyzing localized data: integration of multi-source geospatial data, advanced and immersive geo-visualization, artificial intelligence, big data, multiple sensors, etc.

Partner Organization

Research Team at IID

Project Team

Principal Investigator: Thierry Badard (Université Laval)

Co-Investigators: Berthier Beaulieu (Université Laval), Sylvie Daniel (Université Laval), Éric Guilbert (Université Laval), Frédéric Hubert (Université Laval) and Francis Roy (Université Laval).

Project Funding: 2018-2024

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