On August 18, discover the student internship projects carried out as part of the professional Master's degree in Computer Science - AI in winter 2020

On August 18, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., the public is invited to attend (virtually), the final presentations of the students graduating from the professional Master’s degree in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence, winter session 2020. Without a doubt, the activity is a great opportunity to gain an insight into the projects and initiatives carried out within the framework of this program and its internships!

Participants will thus have the opportunity to attend five student presentations, showcasing five internship projects touching on various themes and approaches related to artificial intelligence – from machine learning to natural language processing, including applications in the field of health and industry 4.0.

Access to the activity, presented on Zoom and on YouTube, is open and free. Registration, through the Eventbrite platform, is recommended.

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Horaire des présentations


Dany Labarre
Numérisation automatique de P&ID et extraction du graphe des composants

(Internship conducted at Bentley Systems)



Loïc Baret
Création de plongements de mots multilingues spécifiques au domaine des RH pour l’analyse des offres d’emploi

(Internship conducted at Gartner)



Keven Voyer
Amélioration du processus d’analyse des médicaments d’exception selon le dossier patient

(Internship conducted at Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec)



Antoine Lippé
Évaluation automatique d’infrastructures par robot mobile

(Internship conducted at Can-Explore)



Cédric Aitkadi
Automatisation du processus de séchage du bois par extraction de l’expertise humaine

(Internship conducted at Boa-Franc)


About the Professional Master’s in Computer Science - AI

The professional Master’s degree in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence offers a practical learning experience, including two internships. Upon completing the degree, the student is able to develop software using artificial intelligence techniques while refining his knowledge, his analytical capacity as well as his critical mind in order to perfect his skills to make decisions so as to solve complex problems.

This program offers both theory and practical learning experience, including two internships for each student. Companies can, in collaboration with IID, propose and develop various internship projects for students enrolled in the program.

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