Full Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Université Laval
Director, Big Data Research Center (CRDM),
Canada-CIFAR Artificial Intelligence Chair
NSERC/Intact Financial Corporation Industrial Research Chair in Machine Learning for Insurance

François Laviolette is a Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Université Laval. His research interests focus on artificial intelligence, in particular machine learning.

He is a leader in PAC-Bayesian theory, which provides a better understanding of machine learning algorithms and enables the design of new algorithms. He takes a special interest in designing algorithms which solve learning problems related to genomics, proteomics and drug discovery. He is also interested in rendering artificial intelligence interpretable in order to better integrate systems where humans are involved in the decision loop.

He is the director of the Big Data Research Center (CRDM) at Université Laval, which brings together more than 50 researchers.

Areas of Interest

  • Learning theory
  • Graph theory
  • Automated verification
  • Bioinformatics
  • Core methods


Research Thrust

  • Methods of Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing
  • Ethics, Confidentiality and Social Acceptability

Research Groups

  • CRDM
  • IDÉA
  • MILA

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