Project Coordinator, Institute Intelligence and Data (IID)

Annette Schwerdtfeger is a Project Coordinator at IID (Institute Intelligence and Data) at Université Laval.

She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Science (Chemistry) at the University of British Columbia in 1986, and her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at McGill University in 1992. Following a postdoctoral internship in Organic Chemistry at the CHUL in Quebec City, she was Head Chemist of the Vacuum Pyrolysis Laboratory in the Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Université Laval, in 1993-2002, before becoming Research Coordinator of the Computer Vision and Systems Laboratory (CVSL) in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Université Laval, in 2002. In 2006 she took on the role of Research Coordinator of the FRQNT-REPARTI strategic network, and in 2011 Coordinator of the CeRVIM Research Centre at Université Laval (formerly the REPARTI-ULaval Research Centre) and IID Project Coordinator in 2020.

As Research Coordinator of REPARTI, CeRVIM and CVSL, she has organized an annual conference and the seminar program since 2003, is responsible for proofreading the scientific publications of research group members (in English and French) and actively participates in the preparation of research grant proposals.

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