Assistant Professor, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Université Laval

Éric Paquet received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Sherbrooke and his Master’s degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Machine Learning and Bioinformatics in François Major’s laboratory at the University of Montreal. He was subsequently Director of Bioinformatics at the Université Laval Cancer Research Center for 8 years. He completed a Ph.D. at McGill University in Precision Medicine applied to breast and colon cancer where he contributed, together with Professor Mike Hallett’s research group, to the development of robust machine learning tools using genomics to guide the treatment of patients. He completed his postdoctoral research in Switzerland, in Professor Félix Naef’s research group, at the École Polytechnique in Lausanne.

He specializes in single-cell systems biology, where he notably developed tools to track and model the behaviour of single cells using real-time fluorescence microscopy. He has contributed to over fifty scientific articles in fundamental as well as applied research areas in high impact journals. He has varied expertise in fields including bioinformatics, genomics, systems biology, chronobiology and applied machine learning.

Éric Paquet has established a research program in Animal Science with the aim of using the ever-increasing massive data produced in this field to assist animal production and improve animal welfare. He is currently working on applied projects aimed at developing machine learning and deep learning tools to identify pathologies and monitor animal behaviour in real time using video cameras. These projects are all of critical importance to the industry and are developed in close collaboration with the agricultural industry.

Areas of Interest

  • Genomics
  • Use of machine learning and big data for agricultural and animal production
  • Bioinformatics
  • Systems and chronobiology

Research Thrust

  • Health and Life Sciences

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