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For any organization in the greater Quebec City area wishing to support its position and that of the AI ecosystem, IID represents a stimulating collaborative environment, supporting both a rich offer of training programs and events, as well as a collaborative approach with companies.

Through the expertise of IID researchers and high-level research professionals, as well as the infrastructures and knowledge present in the Institute’s four founding research centers and in its rich network of partners, IID offers comprehensive expertise in data science and artificial intelligence in many areas of interest.

IID contributes to the training of qualified personnel in the field of artificial intelligence and data science, as well as in related research areas. The Institute thus develops on-line and in-person training programs, supports internships in companies and personalized training activities, as well as enhancing existing programs, in collaboration with its academic partners.

Training for a variety of profiles, in collaboration with key players in academia


AI and data science scholarships

IID Scholarships in AI and Data Science

The IID is offering five scholarships to support and stimulate graduate studies or undergraduate internships in fields related to AI and data science at Université Laval, under the direction of researchers who are members or collaborators of the Institute. These scholarships complement the programs already offered.

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François-Laviolette scholarships for responsible AI

The François-Laviolette scholarships, supported by the François-Laviolette Scholarship Fund, aim to support the work of Université Laval graduate students who advance knowledge in AI and the responsible use of data, and promote the interpretability of AI algorithms.

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Opportunities for businesses

A comprehensive expertise in artificial intelligence and data science

IID represents a stimulating collaborative environment for any organization (business) in the greater Quebec City area wishing to support its position in the face of digital transformation challenges. Through the expertise of IID researchers and that of its founding centers, as well as the infrastructure of the Université Laval campus, the Institute offers comprehensive expertise in data science and AI – an expertise that has been put to good use by nearly 150 companies and organizations since January 2020.

Assessing your AI capability

Is your company or organization ready for artificial intelligence? In collaboration with the Quebec Innovation Council, the Intelligence and Data Institute has developed an online self-diagnostic tool to assess your operational readiness to adopt and integrate AI.

Through this short questionnaire, you’ll be able to locate your overall level of AI maturity, obtain a personalized profile along five distinct organizational dimensions, as well as get tailored advice on how to advance your maturity.

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Participate to a workshops on AI integration

IID has set up its “workshop” formula to give companies a clear picture of their reality, capabilities and needs when it comes to artificial intelligence. In just one day, alternating presentations, discussions and serious games, our team of professionals can provide you with a solid foundation on which to start thinking.

Topics covered include AI and its tools, organizational maturity, the ethical and legal framework, and AI in production.

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Take advantage of our support approach

As part of its vocation as a center of excellence in artificial intelligence, IID (Institute Intelligence and Data) is ready to provide the keys to successful digital transformation for businesses in the greater Quebec City area that meet certain criteria. This support will enable businesses to exploit the full potential of their data, to improve their capacity for innovation in relation to AI and to develop their skills in the field.

Through various government-funded programs, IID data scientists can offer businesses a variety of support options – from consultations of a few hours, to support over a period of several days.

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Set-up a short-term AI project

As part of the internship program for the Professional Master’s degree in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence, students must complete an eight-month internship, financed in collaboration with Mitacs and carried out with the support of an IID data scientist. Thus, companies and organizations can, in collaboration with the IID, propose and develop various internship projects to be offered as part of this study program, under the supervision of a research professional.

As of April 2024, 73 companies and organizations had taken advantage of this opportunity, with some 137 internship projects, enabling as many applied AI projects to be carried out.

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Develop a collaborative research project

IID (Institute Intelligence and Data) is a privileged gateway for businesses wishing to collaborate with academia, to develop tailor-made initiatives, partnerships or joint projects supported by various research grants (NSERC, CIHR, Prompt and many others).

Collaborating with IID provides easy access to Université Laval’s facilities, infrastructure and research expertise in artificial intelligence and data valorization, to the research expertise in a variety of fields on campus, and to the support of high-level technical teams.

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Research and training infrastructure

In addition to the cutting-edge equipment and materials in the laboratories of its member researchers and collaborators, the Institut intelligence et données supports the development and operation of various research and training infrastructures on the Université Laval campus. These help accelerate innovation in cutting-edge fields – from innovative manufacturing to non-human genomics and high-performance computing.


The Lab-Usine carries out industrial R&D projects involving interaction between company staff, research teams and graduate and undergraduate students.

Prototypes are created and developed in a fully functional university factory, serving not only as an R&D platform, but also to define, document and share best practices in digital transformation and successful innovation. In so doing, it also trains change agents who will invent, create and develop the manufacturing systems of tomorrow.

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Genovalia is an initiative of Génome Québec and Université Laval. It offers a unique and powerful data production, analysis and storage infrastructure for people working in the field of non-human genomics.

Genovalia offers a range of services to optimize the value of non-human genomic data, from acquisition to complex modeling, using the best analytical approaches in artificial intelligence. Genovalia also offers the possibility of storing data in a highly secure environment.

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Computing Environment for AI

The Environnement de calcul pancanadien pour l’intelligence artificielle (ECPIA) (Pan-Canadian Computing Environment for Artificial Intelligence), an initiative designed to foster the creation of a computing cluster dedicated exclusively to AI research, will see the light of day in 2024 at Université Laval.

Carried out in collaboration with experts from Calcul Québec and Mila, the establishment of this cutting-edge infrastructure is supported by financial aid totalling almost $16 million from the governments of Quebec and Canada.

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Promote the excellence of research in AI and data sciences at Université Laval

IID promotes the achievements of its researchers and students in academia, business networks, public institutions and the population, through numerous disseminations, knowledge transfers and popular science activities. An enriching program of events, offered together with the collaboration of various regional, national and international partners, allows the Institute to actively contribute to bringing this niche to life, at the regional level and beyond.

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Academic Activities

Each week, IID (Institute Intelligence and Data) as well as its founding centers offer various activities and conferences promoting the work of its students and researchers. Seminars, virtual or face-to-face conferences, training activities and more.

These meetings enable the sharing of knowledge and expertise among IID members, and usually deal with advanced and specialized technical issues.

Public and Professional Activities

In collaboration with various players in the innovative artificial intelligence and data science ecosystem of Quebec City and province, IID (Institute Intelligence and Data) offers event programming intended either for professionals in the field or for the general public.

This programming includes the organization of large-scale activities, such as the Rendez-vous IA Quebec, as well as a series of webinars and conferences which offer an insight into the ethical and legal concerns related to the uses of AI.

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